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[Eight Principles of Yong]

The "Eight Principles of Yong" originated from the traditional Chinese calligraphy system, that is,  "Yong” this character contains 8 main types of calligraphy strokes, all in one. Thus it is also a principle that needs to be adhered to and familiar with learning calligraphy. When I was a primary school student, I participated in after-school calligraphy classes. Every winter and summer holiday, I would go to the calligraphy school to study, from rigorous regular script to cursive script. To this day, I have become a graphic designer, and calligraphy still has a deep influence on me. For example, I prefer to use type-based elements when designing logos. When designing a font, I would consider whether I need to make a ligature on it. The practice of calligraphy has given me a lot of help in design. At the same time, some harsh and rigorous rules of calligraphy often restrict me.

I can feel that the restrictions of creation are from my adherence to the rules. Therefore, in this poster, I used "rough", "irregular" and "unconscious" graphics to visualize the calligraphy strokes of “Yong", and listed all the principles of the "Yong". The orange arrows in the poster present the motion track of dot’s strokes, beginners of Chinese calligraphy will need to master this rule. To express the content of "order" by the visualization of  "out of order", this is like my own journey of learning typography, it is a type of critical rethinking about myself. Only in self-work, I can be unfettered and break the restriction of "Principles" and "Grid System".